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Home Missions

Lockport Care Net Pregnancy Center

CareNet is a national network of more than 850 life affirming pregnancy centers. Lockport CareNet Pregnancy Center was established in 1985, serving the community for 30 years. It is a non-profit volunteer organization supported totally by fundraisers and donations.

CareNet strives to provide a compassionate and safe environment. Clients receive hope for the future through hearing about positive options and being offered continued help. They are committed to present truthful information about abortion procedures and risks, but do not provide abortions, or abortion referrals.

Newfane Community Food Pantry

We partner with the Newfane Community Food Pantry located at St. Brendan on the Lake (3446 Ewings Road) to provide non perishable food items, toiletries and even back to school supplies to those in need in our community. 

Each month we collect certain items the pantry is lacking to help stock their shelves.

This pantry serves the Newfane School District. To apply for assistance, Bring ID for all household members, proof of residency, and proof of income. Pantry hours are 10:00-noon Tuesdays. Contact (716) 778-9822 to schedule an appointment

Niagara Hospice

Hospice serves patients and their families and provides specialized care for the terminally ill. 

Hospice care is appropriate for individuals with a prognosis of six months or less. Several studies have shown that people with a terminal illness who choose Hospice care benefits often live longer and with a better quality of life than those who do not take advantage of hospice.

If you know someone who makes frequent visits to the emergency room, has been hospitalized several times in the past year with their symptoms affecting their quality of life, consider calling Hospice for a consultation.  If the family caregivers could use some help, the individual is more dependent on others to meet daily needs and they are at a point in their disease process where quality of life and comfort are the priority, please reach out to Hospice at (716) 439-4417

Lockport Cares Homeless Shelter

Lockport CARES, Inc. provides short-term emergency shelter for adults over 18 and children with a parent or guardian. Modified hours 8:00pm entry and 8:00am

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