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For Today

New question and answer posted every Friday on our Facebook page. 

Questions are answered by Pastor Matthew Rose.



How does John tell the Christmas Story? 

How does Luke tell the Christmas Story? 

Was Baby Jesus Self-Aware? 

How does Mark tell the Christmas Story? 

How does Matthew tell the Christmas Story? 

Where should we place our hope? 

How do I become thankful?

How do I develop my prayer life? 

Who were the first monks? 

How do I know when to walk away? 

Are all Christians called to be disciples? 

What's the NFL Anthem Controversy? 

What was Paul's background? 

What is faith?

Is this the end of the world?

Who incited David to take a census?

Will we be resurrected in our prime?

How big is Heaven?

How did Satan transport Jesus?

Did God send an evil spirit? 

What are we to think of mediums?

Does Romans 9 teach Calvanism?

Are some 'elect' and others not?

Should people get rebaptized?

Should churches discipline members?

What happened to the Apostle Paul?

Should Christians keep a Kosher diet?

Are all sins the same?

What is true repentance? 

Why does the date of Easter change?

Why do some Christians practice Lent?

How do we become a saint?

Does God ever lose power?

Is my faith at fault for unanswered prayer?

Are Old Testament laws still in force?

Why was John still unsure?

Will there be inequality in heaven?

What should I do when I'm overwhelmed with life? 

Is there such a thing as 'Christian' music?

What is the Septuagint?

Did Joseph and Mary decide to stay in Bethlehem?

Why does January 1st start a new year?


Were the Magi at the Manger?

Is Abuse Grounds for Divorce?

Do we need to honor Dis-honorable parents?

Can I be a church-less Christian (Part 2)

Can I be a church-less Christian (Part 1)

Are all feelings legitimate? 

Should I pray silently, or out loud?

How should Christians handle Halloween? 

Is Euthanasia acceptable?

Does God love everyone?

3 Genetic parents for 1 baby? Isn't that wrong?

Why did Abraham say "We will come back"?

If God is outside of time, can He change the past?

Do people in heaven watch over us?


How should the book of Revelation be interpreted? 

Does the Bible promote polygamy? 

Will our pets be in paradise? 

How did the Wesleyan church change membership?

What are we to make of 'Black lives Matter'?

When were the gospel accounts written?

Why so many name changes in the Bible?

Is time travel possible?

Who is the new General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church?

Why did God put THAT tree in the Garden of Eden?

Is it OK to skip church?

What's the deal with Jude 1:9?

What is the difference between 'Born Again' and 'Christian'?

Why does the Bible mention unicorns?

Why do we call it 'Good' Friday?

Who was right, Paul or Barnabas?

What if I can't forgive myself?

Is doing nothing a sin?

Why do some open doors turn into brick walls?

Is Jeremiah 29:11 for me?

Why is it heavenS (plural)?

Does everything happen for a reason?

Is the 'Age of Accountability" doctrine Biblical?

Should I make New Year's Resolutions?

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